The Windsor RSL Speedway, was situated off Argyle St., South of the Historic town of Windsor NSW.   The Windsor RSL Club overlooked the race track.   A Governor Macquarie town steeped in Australian history and Australiana architecture, a lot of the building work was carried out by convicts. The Speedway opened on 3rd October 1949 and finally closed on 10th November 1968.
Windsor was the venue for the first Australian Hot Rod Championship, the forerunner to the Australian Sprintcar Championship. All sections of Speedway ran at this track, which had a smaller inner track utilising both straights of the larger outer track.  It has been stated that the outer track was 650 yards ( 595.1 mtrs) and the inner track was 440 yards ( 402.3 mtrs) with the straights 70 feet wide and the corners 90 feet wide. ( Although a 1950 programme states the track circumference was 586 yards )  In 1957 the track was narrowed to 50ft all the way around.